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We specialise in sanitation and cleaning, we have built up a wealth of experience and knowledge from all angles of our business from management, employees through to our clients.

We supply and manage cleaning services to suit every business requirements.


We deliver and install all washroom hygiene equipment your buy or rent from us. The service includes all items requiring a professional plumber or electrician through to fitting toilet paper holders and soap dispensers.


We provide complete maintenance service on all hygiene equipment. This includes annual inspections and certification on all electrical items. If your equipment gets damaged or broken we are always on hand to provide hassle-free repairs or replacement.


All equipment is checked, cleaned, and replenished with each service.  Waste is removed and discreetly disposed of by our uniformed staff. All waste is taken to an incineration plant for disposal, this is logged and recorded providing a complete audit trail of the waste.

Call us 24/7 | (041) 378 1272 - Whatsapp | 072 621 8963